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ACD06 ( - 1,00 EUR )
Gehäuse für ACD08:
without box
flush mounting ( + 7,50 EUR )
surface mounting ( + 22,00 EUR )
light batten T5:
LED 10Watt 57cm/2ft inclusive Birdlamp ( + 24,50 EUR )
LED 15Watt 87cm/3ft inclusive Birdlamp ( + 34,50 EUR )
LED 20Watt 117cm/4ft inclusive Birdlamp ( + 44,50 EUR )
montage accessories:
Mounting Clips with Screw ( + 2,95 EUR )
eye hook hanging clips ( + 2,95 EUR )
with Seilaufhängung ( + 9,95 EUR )
Schutzmodul Relais:
without Contactor
Contactor 30A ( + 13,25 EUR )
ohne Verdrahtungsset
mit Verdrahtungsset 3m ( + 14,50 EUR )
mit Verdrahtungsset 5m ( + 17,50 EUR )
mit Verdrahtungsset 7m ( + 19,50 EUR )
from 179,00 EUR
179,00 EUR per Set

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Weight: 1,69 kg per piece

Birdking's Lighting Set 1 is specially designed for birdllife enthusiast. The set includes:
- Automatic dimmer type ACD06 or ACD08,
- A dimmable light strip with electronic ballast 
- Birdlamp T5 according to the dimmable light bar

Optionally addition:
- Mounting bracket
- Dimmer housing
- Relay (You can connect up to 6 additional lamps to a dimmer, the wattage does not matter in this case.)

With every set you save money compared to the single purchase!

Automatic dimmer type ACD06 is suitable for the electronic simulation of sunrise and sunset and is used bird enthusiasts. The dimmer is ideal for all light bars compatible with a 1-10V input.
Automatic dimmer type ACD08 for the electronic sunrise and sunset simulation.
Easy operation via touch screen. Suitable for all lamps with 1-10V control voltage.
Unlike humans, birds see the UV light that is part of natural sunlight. Birds use UV light for behaviors such as reproduction and food intake. Without UV light, some birds color spectrum is distorted as if they see everything in black and white.  Some bird species need UV light to distinguish between the sexes. Whenever a bird is kept indoors, UV light should be provided for them. Traditional light in the house is unable to do that. Most household lights distort the natural color of the bird and the birds vision. The Bird Fluorescent Tube is designed to give the bird the right amount of UV light, while producing its true color.

✓ Provides the right UV light for domestic birds

✓ Promotes vitamin synthesis

✓ Supports natural vision

✓ Line shape for aviaries and aviary Influences of UV light

✓ Production of vitamin D3

✓ Eyesight

✓ Food intake

✓ Behavior

✓ Breeding behavior
Birdking light bar T5 has got a new design! 100% aluminum housing with electronic ballast, side protection, connection cable and reflector. Socket (IP 25) for fluorescent tube dimmable electronic ballast mounted (ECG) with reflector with connection cable and plug. Delivery with and without illuminant! When you buy a lamp, you get 50% off bulbs. With built-in electronic ballast (ECG), the Birdlamp (bulb) can be dimmed to 1% of the light output and without changing the light color. This is especially important for the aviary or your bird room. Electronic ballasts (ECG) work between 20 and 50 kHz. This eliminates any flicker. Lifespan and energy savings are increased up to 50%. You save on lamp purchases and energy. If the lamp is defective, the ECGs switch off automatically. We recommend using Narva Biolight or from autumn 2014 Bird-KING-Lamp.
Manual. click here, 
Steel cable suspension for mounting from the ceiling. The height is variably adjustable up to 100cm. Delivery: 2x steel rope 1m 2x snap hook 2x fixing element for the ceiling 2x dowels with screws
This product is compatible with (for example):

Wiring set T8

Wiring set T8

from 14,50 EUR