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Automatik dimmer ACD-04

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The automatic dimmer ACD 04 is a simulated sunrise and sunset by one or more light bulbs.

    * Electronic sunrise and sunset simulation
* The fluorescent lamp is automatically at the end of the dimming process and off
* Infinitely adjustable up and dimming the lights on light bulbs
* Per second switching point
* With and without residual brightness, adjustable (moonlight effect)
* Loads up to 1000 watts
* Very simple operation
* Dust-proof Absolut
* Timer with power reserve (up to 12 months)
* Operation without fluorescent

Continuous lighting is switched on after the dimming process and the dimming lamps switch off. Dimming down happens in reverse order. This system is ideal for extending existing lighting. A switch in the interior of the housing can deactivate the fluorescent lamp output so that only the dimmable lamps or dimmable LED can be used as a permanent light.
Accessories for ACD04:

The photocell detects the brightness of the daylight outside. On a cloudy day the dim light is deactivated and the main light stays on. On a sunny day the dim light and main light is off. 
The photcell needs to be placed outside preferbaly on the North side and not in direct sunlight. 

Automatic Dimmer TYPE ACD04 and ACD06 in PDF format. Click here to start the download.
1) Switch the device to 230 volts.
2) If you press the button once shortly, the fluorescent lights will turn on automatically.
3) If you press the button again, the fluorescent lamps will turn off by themselves, the lamp will slowly dim down.
4) If someone forgets to turn off the light, the electronics will turn off the light after 60 minutes. It turns on the "dimmer". As a result, the light bulbs slowly dim down to the "moonlight effect".
5) Time programming . Press the button for 5 to 6 seconds or until you hear a tone, release the button at that point. The LED changes to "Program time". Turn the knob left or right until the current time appears on the display. Press the button again for about 5 seconds or at least until you hear a tone, the LED jumps to the next switching point. The programming is confirmed by this change in the indicator lamp to the next working point. The time (clock) is stored in memory.
6) Programming the dimming time 1. The LED lights up “green”, program the time with the knob by turning it left or right. Press the button again for 5 seconds or until a tone is heard and the light comes on - LED starts glowing “red” When the dimmer turns off, you can set the time.
7) Programming the dimming time 2. Repeat the steps as in the previous point. (Remember to hold the button for about 5 seconds before the information can be saved.)
If Dim Time 2 wants to disable itself, both the green and red dots must be set to [- -:- -].
8) Set the duration of the dimming time. You can choose the length of time the lamps are dimmed. The time is between 1 minute and 2 hours 59 minutes. You can adjust the length with the knob and turn it left or right, press the button again for 5 seconds or until the sound beeps, the LED will automatically jump to the "moonlight effect". Warning: the duration of the dimming time in both Dim Time 1 and Dim Time 2 must be shorter than the set time of the lights on.
9) Set "Moonlight Effect". Turn the knob left or right and adjust the moonlight effect percentage. (60 watt ball in 20% moonlight effect glows as if it were 12 watts)
  • Electronic sunrise and sunset simulation
  • The fluorescent lamp automatically turns on and off when the dimming process is completed
  • Infinitely adjustable dimming and dimming of the lighting via incandescent lamps
  • Seconds switching point
  • With and without residual brightness, infinitely adjustable (moonlight effect)
  • Resilient up to 1000 watts
  • Very simple operation
  • Absolutely dustproof
  • Timer with power reserve (up to 12 months)
  • Operation even without fluorescent lamps
  • Also suitable for dimmable LED lamps.
Video instructions how to program the automatic dimmer.

Technical specifications ACD04
Dimensions of the housing B125xH115xT50 mm
Protection IP 41
Power supply 230 V
Power 1000Watt (600WDimmlampen) (400WLeuchtstofflampen)
Dimm time 1-179 Min.
Moonlight effect 0-100%
Power reserve Min. 3 Monate
Operating temperature Max. 45 °C
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