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LED dimmable Light batten Birdking T5 incl. 20% UVA Birdlamp

Product No.:
ca. 3-6 days ca. 3-6 days (abroad may vary)
light batten T5:
LED 10Watt 57cm/2ft inclusive Birdlamp
LED 15Watt 87cm/3ft inclusive Birdlamp ( + 12,00 EUR )
LED 20Watt 117cm/4ft inclusive Birdlamp ( + 22,00 EUR )
montage accessories:
Mounting Clips with Screw ( + 2,95 EUR )
eye hook hanging clips ( + 2,95 EUR )
with Seilaufhängung ( + 9,95 EUR )
from 82,95 EUR
82,95 EUR per Pc

VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs

LED Bird Light batten T5 Aluminum, with electronic ballast incl. Reflector and cable.

Dimmable with 0-10VDimmer

Die Lichtleiste ist Anschlussfertig vormontiert.
  • batten(IP 25) with matching LED tube
  • electronic ballast (EVG)
  • with reflector
  • inklusiveconnection cable

The service life of the lamp is estimated at 50,000 hours *. and the economy increases from 40 to 60% compared to conventional fluorescent lamps. The life of an LED light is important for cost savings. With LEDs, the UV radiation degrades by approx. 3% after approx. 10,000 hours and 70-80% are still intact at 50,000 hours. For comparison, the fluorescent tubes guarantee about 1,000 hours and the radiation will degrade quickly.

L=570 mm (10W)
L=870mm (15W)
L=1170mm (20W)
B=90 mm
H=50 mm

The spectral light distribution reflects UV and full spectrum.

* estimated failure rate less than 10%